We don’t need, you
Made niggaz fucking with us See
you’ll see
How we do
U can be touched
We been trained
Ta the game
And know we livin it up Outlaw life know that the life
aint givin it up If the thug life is yours
its coming with bullet scars
the boulavard killer
with dogs that bite hard
Im like god kuz i’ll Bless yo ass
And when a nigga with a weapon come
he gonna test yo ass
I bet yo ass
you cant last hours with these niggas
We like legal cocaine
kuz we like straight power to these bitches
Send a flower to these niggas
kuz they family through
Its between us nigga
its a family feud
Cant be too
the (???)and a 12 gauge punk
We send a gun in a hummer
just to cut you up we burn you up and leave your pockets inside out
And black out like you thought
pac was in your house
Or a glock in your mouth
now im touching your lungs
All the outlaws was here
somethings gotta be done
Im pumpin my gun
ill let you niggas down on your knees
Ill switch to the bible
God help me please
But you can pray all you want
Kuz im gonna take all i want
Pour heat and spray all i want
Now on your front
Got knocked put for running your mouth
And we the realist at the rap game
that can ever put out
Sorry thats all i could do

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